lunes, 4 de abril de 2016

Who Died in the Season 6 Finale of “The Walking Dead” (SPOILERS)

So AMC and “The Walking Dead” decided to be rude for their season finale of season 6. They took you to the brink and then did not even have the courtesy of telling us who came face to face with Lucille. I am here to help you with the answers so that you do not have to wait 6 months until season 7. The answer to the question of who died at the end of the episode is… Glenn.

I know that you think that Glenn cannot die, after all they brought him back from that swarm of zombies thanks to a dumpster. He also came really close during the Alexandria walker invasion; I think those were done to show that you can only escape death so much. But this is not me just making a wild guess; Glenn is the most likely to have died at Negan’s hands because the scene was taken frame-by frame from the comics.

In The Walking Dead Comics, Glenn dies at the hands of Negan on issue number 100. You may be thinking that the fact that Negan killed Glenn in the comics does not mean anything, until you actually read The Walking Dead 100. Just before Negan ills Glenn he says “you can breathe, you can blink, you can cry… You’re all going to be doing that”. That is exactly what he said during the episode last night just before he picked his victim. In the comic they were also all on their knees waiting for that decision.

So yeah, it was Glenn that took a kiss from Lucille last night, or at least I would say that there is a 90% chance that we saw our favorite pizza delivery man’s death last night. Of course the show does change the events from what happened in the comics, but because the scene was identical I do not expect it to change on the TV show.

So what about the other 10%? I would distribute those chances between Maggie, Abraham, Sasha and Carl. Why them? Maggie was weak, and I do not know that Negan would want a weak person to “work for him. Abraham and Sasha were talking about their future and you know that when that happens in “The Walking Dead” it means that they are destined to die. Then there is Carl. I would think that he is safe, but when Negan said that if anyone made noise that they should take his eye and feed it to his father it could have meant after the eye popped out thanks to his head being bashed in (but that part of the speech was in the comic too).

But it was Glenn. RIP Glenn, we are going to miss ya.

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