lunes, 28 de marzo de 2016

Batman v Superman: The Dawn of Justice Review (Spoilers)

Batman v Superman was one of the most anticipated movies of the year and I would venture to say that it was one of the most anticipated of the decade. People had been waiting for Batman and Superman to make an appearance in the same movie for 70 years and this past weekend that wish came true. Now the question that people asked was if such an epic movie idea would live up to the hype and the answer is no.

While I do not think that the movie was all that bad (I was entertained for a good chunk of it), I would be lying if I told you that it was one of the best superhero movies ever; it is far from it. In my estimation this movie was even behind the divisive “Man of Steel” movie from a couple of years ago. Sure it is exciting to see Batman going up against Superman for about 5 minutes, but this is a fight that should have gone on for a while longer and that should have occurred on the screen at least one more time.

The motivation for Batman is clear; Superman is too powerful to be left to his own devices. Keep in mind that BvS is a sequel to Man of Steel so the devastation of Metropolis is part of the story. During that fight, Bruce Wayne sees the destruction caused during the Superman vs. Zod fight and that destruction and loss of life is very personal to him. That intro to the movie was fantastic, but that is when the movie takes a turn for the dull.

We were saying that we could have left the theater at that point, come back an hour and a half later and then enjoy the next good part of the movie which is the ending. The 2nd act of the movie is very unorganized, with moments that have a potential of being great that go wasted. Lex Luthor has files on some of the super-powered beings in the world including Wonder-Woman, Aquaman, The Flash and Cyborg… and he has them all arranged using their insignias which how the hell does he know them? It was a very cheap way to introduce the members of the Justice League, especially the intro of Aquaman (“I stab you”).
The final 20 minutes of the movie are packed with action; and while enjoyable they are not without problems. The fight between Batman and Superman is short and ends with a very dumb excuse about the names of Clark and Bruce’s respective moms. Yeah they were about to kill each other, but their moms have the same name so they can be buddies now?

Doomsday was unnecessary to the movie, but since he was there they should have at least done better with him. He looked like if a troll and Michelangelo from the Ninja Turtles had a baby. Batman did almost nothing in that final fight which kind of hints at the fact that he does not really belong in a team that includes Superman and Wonder-Woman. Maybe if he was getting them towels or massaging their shoulders, but come on man, give him something to do.

Lex Luthor was probably the worst part of the movie. He was distracting, not that menacing and not fun. It felt for a moment that they were using him as comic relief, because he was just ridiculous, but I don’t think that is what they were going for. If they did try to use him as comic relief then they failed.

In the end there is sacrifice in the fight, but the final scene spoils that sacrifice by telling us that the character that sacrificed himself was going to be ok anyway. So yeah there were flaws in this movie but it is not worth the 30% it has on rotten tomatoes.

Batman was a great character and Ben Affleck gave us the Best Batman that we have ever had. Wonder Woman left me wanting more from her and Superman was great, but he needs to be used better. DC and WB need to understand that not every character needs to be The Dark Knight in their DCEU. Superman is not about hope in this movie, but Henry Cavill can and should be that.

While the movie is not great it does set up the DCEU which we are hoping will be better than this. Overall I am giving Batman v Superman: The Dawn of Justice a 2.7 out of a possible 5.

martes, 1 de marzo de 2016

The Sound of Music Live Movie Review

Before we start it is important to say that we are reviewing the Sound of Music movie that was released in 2013 starring Carrie Underwood and not the original 1965 version. I have to confess that this is the first time that I see the play in any capacity. I had not seen the original movie, nor had I seen in on stage. That should give me a little advantage when reviewing the movie because I have nothing to compare it to.

The first thing that I have to say is that everyone in the musical has a voice that belongs on the stage. I was not disappointed at all by any of the vocals. I was especially happy with Carrie Underwood which proved that her voice is made for this type of music more than it is for country music. She has the pipes and she definitely uses them in this movie. Also loved Audra McDonald as Mother Abbess and Stephen Moyer as Captain Von Trapp, and of course the kids.

Now, singing is one thing and acting is something completely different. Everyone in the movie was great, but you can tell that Underwood simply is not an actress. That does not mean that she cannot get there as there were some great moments for her in the Sound of Music, but from time to time we were reminded that acting as of right now is not her thing. I do hope that she works on that because as I said before she does have a voice that should be on stage.

Overall, the Sound of Music Live was entertaining, but not as much as other musicals that have been on TV or at theaters in recent times. We still recommend that you watch it, but keep in mind that we are giving it 3 out of 5 possible stars. That means that “The Sound of Music Live” has more positives than negatives, but the negatives are very noticeable.