sábado, 30 de abril de 2016

Captain America Civil War Review: Non-Spoilers

This is our non-spoilers review of Captain America: Civil War; we will be posting a spoilers review on Friday.

Captain America: Civil War had a lot of very high expectations as a superhero movie this year. Whether directly or indirectly, it was going to be compared to others, especially Batman V Superman. But that was not it. This year it was going to also compete against Deadpool, X-Men Apocalypse, Suicide Squad and even Marvel’s own Doctor Strange. Fear not Marvel fans, as Kevin Feige and the Russo Brothers have proven once again that the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes are in good hands.

Captain America: Civil War is looking not only like a great superhero movie this year; it looks like
perhaps the best superhero movie ever. Of course there will be debate about that because of the Avengers, The Winter Soldier and The Dark Knight (all great movies), but we are confident in saying that Civil War is as good as any of those movies and the action is a lot better.

I am sure that you have heard about the airport scene from the trailers; that is the best action sequence ever on the screen for a superhero movie and I am having a hard time thinking of an action scene in an action movie that surpasses it. That is not the only great action sequence however. The movie has great action right from the start, giving you a few breaks in between so that you can catch your breath.

It is also not all about the action. The dilemma that the heroes go through on both sides is very much at the center of the movie. It is about friendship, loyalty, reason and a lot of emotion. When the final battle comes, you are fascinated by what you are seeing, and at the same time you are suffering for all characters involved.

Spider-Man is the best Spider-Man that we have ever had which shows how smart the people at SONY were to work with Marvel. Tom Holland has revived a property that was on the decline and now that same property will probably be the hottest in the genre. He is funny as Spider-Man and great as Peter Parker. The Russo brothers also did a phenomenal job introducing the Black Panther and they handled Ant-Man perfectly.

Every character in the movie had the spotlight on them at different times throughout the movie and they all performed as well as anyone ever could. The relationship between Vision and Scarlet Witch gave us a lot of glimpses into the future and it showed us the awesome powers of Wanda. Hawkeye did not get as much screen time, but when he did he was perfect. The same can be said of War Machine. Scarlett Johansen as Black Widow and Anthony Mackey as Falcon were perfect anchors to their respective sides and not enough can be said of Sebastian Stan.
Some have said that Zemo was a bad villain in the movie and while we did not learn much about him, he was there when he needed to be and it gave us a glimpse into the future. Zemo is a character that can easily come back as a villain for any of the Marvel characters or perhaps in a Thunderbolts movie if Marvel decides to go that way.

In the end, Marvel gave us a near perfect movie and a great combination of humor, drama and action. We are giving Captain America Civil War 4.9 out of 5 stars. The expectations were surpassed.

martes, 5 de abril de 2016

Batman v Superman Will NOT Reach 1 Billion Dollars

I am here to make a prediction today and that prediction makes me sad. My prediction is that Batman V. Superman will not reach the billion-dollar mark. I am predicting this because of several reasons which I will detail here.

2nd Week Drop
Most of us expected that Batman V. Superman would drop around 55 to 60 percent from the box office numbers that it saw on its first week. At the end of the weekend, Batman v. Superman dropped 68.2%. That is a huge drop. Now it is also very likely that the movie will see another drop this week where it could end up making around 24 million at the US box office. That would make it a very tough race between a superhero film that was supposed to be number one for the entire month and a Melissa McCarthy movie (The Boss).

If Batman V. Superman does end up at number 2 this week, then that would be a devastating blow to the future plans that WB and DC have for their cinematic universe. The Boss should not have been competing for number one and yet box office predictions have it right there.

The Jungle Book
The Jungle Book is another reason why Batman V. Superman will not be joining the billion-dollar club. This is a movie that will eat from the BvS demographic and will absolutely knock it out of first place. Most of the Jungle Book’s footage looks amazing and it will give parents a good option to go to the movies with their families. It is also a problem that by next week that movie will have released though most of the world so that will probably also drop the international numbers for the DC film. The week after that The Huntsman drops and though that movie is getting a negative buzz it still eats from a similar demographic.

Captain America: Civil War
Marvel will be the end of the run for BvS. The United States will have to wait for the Marvel film until May 6, but Civil War will be released in many different countries one week prior to that. You can say that by the end of April BvS will not be making enough money in theaters internationally to keep showing it.

So no, Batman v. Superman will not be a billion-dollar movie. It will get close, but we are predicting that the movie that should have made 1.5 billion will come short by a little over half a billion dollars. This is not a celebration of failure because the movie will still have made a lot of money, but it should have been better and I wanted it to be better. Unfortunately, numbers do not lie.

lunes, 4 de abril de 2016

Who Died in the Season 6 Finale of “The Walking Dead” (SPOILERS)

So AMC and “The Walking Dead” decided to be rude for their season finale of season 6. They took you to the brink and then did not even have the courtesy of telling us who came face to face with Lucille. I am here to help you with the answers so that you do not have to wait 6 months until season 7. The answer to the question of who died at the end of the episode is… Glenn.

I know that you think that Glenn cannot die, after all they brought him back from that swarm of zombies thanks to a dumpster. He also came really close during the Alexandria walker invasion; I think those were done to show that you can only escape death so much. But this is not me just making a wild guess; Glenn is the most likely to have died at Negan’s hands because the scene was taken frame-by frame from the comics.

In The Walking Dead Comics, Glenn dies at the hands of Negan on issue number 100. You may be thinking that the fact that Negan killed Glenn in the comics does not mean anything, until you actually read The Walking Dead 100. Just before Negan ills Glenn he says “you can breathe, you can blink, you can cry… You’re all going to be doing that”. That is exactly what he said during the episode last night just before he picked his victim. In the comic they were also all on their knees waiting for that decision.

So yeah, it was Glenn that took a kiss from Lucille last night, or at least I would say that there is a 90% chance that we saw our favorite pizza delivery man’s death last night. Of course the show does change the events from what happened in the comics, but because the scene was identical I do not expect it to change on the TV show.

So what about the other 10%? I would distribute those chances between Maggie, Abraham, Sasha and Carl. Why them? Maggie was weak, and I do not know that Negan would want a weak person to “work for him. Abraham and Sasha were talking about their future and you know that when that happens in “The Walking Dead” it means that they are destined to die. Then there is Carl. I would think that he is safe, but when Negan said that if anyone made noise that they should take his eye and feed it to his father it could have meant after the eye popped out thanks to his head being bashed in (but that part of the speech was in the comic too).

But it was Glenn. RIP Glenn, we are going to miss ya.