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Yuki Yuna Is A Hero Review (No Spoilers)

We decided that we will expand our horizons and talk about things other than movies and the first thing that we are expanding to is anime. Yuki Yuna is a hero is an anime series that is available on Netflix as of right now and it is the story of 5 girls granted powers to defend the earth from “vertexes” which sound like demons.

The premise seems a bit normal and not that exciting, but the reality is that there is a lot more to it than that. The girls start their journey loving the idea of being heroes, but they do not realize that there is a price that must be paid for sing their new powers.

Although Yuna Yuki is clearly the main character of the show, the other characters receive a lot of attention and you love all characters by the end of the show. Fu is the leader of the group and one that seems to have a lot to lose because not only is she putting herself at risk, she is also the one that got her younger sister Itsuki involved in the “Hero Club”. Togo is Yuna’s best friend and a character that we learn a lot about and Karin who does not appear until episode 3 is the one with the biggest character development and my favorite of the series.

The series is 12 episodes long, but binge watching it is not difficult as the episodes go by really fast. The show manages to keep watchers entertained and intrigued with a bit of a slow-down taking place around the half-season mark. Some things do go unexplained and that is why the series does not get the highest marks. It is still something that you should watch though, and that also goes to those that are not into anime (I was not into it until I saw it).

I would say that the show is not for kids and it deals with some mature subjects such as suicide. The animation is beautiful and the story is actually very good.

We are giving Yuna Yuki is a Hero 4 ½ stars out of a possible 5

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