martes, 26 de enero de 2016

“Bitten” Movie Review *Spoilers*

“Bitten” is a movie that most of you have not seen, but that you can get as a DVD or while surfing your Roku or Netflix. It stars Jason Mewes as Jack and Erica Cox as Danika. In the movie Danika is bit by a vampire and left for dead in a dumpster just outside of Jack’s apartment and Jack just happens to be a paramedic. She refuses to go to the hospital and so he does what anyone would do when faced with a super-hot chick that needs help… he opens his door and lets her stay.

A romance between the two grows, but then they realize that Danika has transformed into a vampire, don’t worry, there is no glitter. She cannot eat normal food and blood from the blood bank will not do so she does the next best thing and feeds on Jack’s ex and the neighborhoods dealers.

This is not by any stretch of the imagination a great movie, but I found myself surprisingly entertained by it. The plot is fun, the movie does have a few funny moments that made me laugh and I would not call it a complete waste of time. Plus, Erica Cox is really good looking and not a bad actress either. I found myself wondering why I have not seen her in other things. If you pay attention to her she is more than just a cute face and a sexy body though she does have a lot of that… can you say “new crush.”

You should not expect to be scared by bitten, it is not that type of horror movie. While there is some bad acting by some people which I will not mention or the most part Mewes and Cox carry the movie. This one is perfect if you are in the B-Movie mood where I would say it is better than most, but that is not how we review and rank movies in this blog so we will give it 2 and a half stars out of 5. That’s right, I enjoyed it and I would say that you should watch it if you are simply looking to be entertained.

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