jueves, 16 de junio de 2016

El Cielo En Tu Mirada (Heaven In Your Eyes)

El Cielo en tu Mirada is a movie that I watched while traveling in a bus. I am always willing to give movies a chance and I should be watching more international flicks anyway.

This movie follows the story of Jose who dies and goes to heaven. Jose in life was a singer and after his sudden death is given a chance to come back to earth and complete his life purpose in 2 weeks. His life purpose is of course a girl named Abril who is engaged t a doctor that looked familiar when I saw the movie. Turns out that the doctor is the same actor who plays Joey in Agents of SHIELD (Juan Pablo Raba).

Now as far as the movie goes, it is a bad one. That is why I don't always watch international cinema, movies like this. It is a tired plot of the guy who dies and comes back to try to get the girl who is dating someone else at the time. It is as predictable as a movie can be, full of bad acting, and it will make you regret wasting the time that you used to watch the movie.

It is clear from the very beginning that Mane DeLaParra was only cast in the lead role because of his looks and not because he has any talent in front of the camera. The same goes for most of the cast with a couple of exceptions. It felt like I was watching a movie version of a really bad Mexican soap opera.

How bad was the movie? I was regretting the fact that during my trip I lost my headphones and that did not buy another pair before getting into the bus. I know some people walk out of the movie theater when a movie they don't like is playing, and “El Cielo en tu Mirada” made me think that I should walk out of a moving vehicle in the highway. Even the little twist at the end was not a surprise... yikes.

This movie has a bad story, bad acting and is really predictable; It is not a movie worth watching and we are giving this turd a half star from a possible 5

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